Defying Gay Gravity

Educators share a powerful message.
By using narratives to explore LGBTTIQQ2S issues, people gain insight and a deeper understanding about the queer and questioning process—realities in which many youth face today.
Don’t let them face it alone.


“It’s raw, it’s powerful, and it’s totally human.” – Julia, on Defying Gay Gravity

“I tore it open and didn’t stop until I was finished reading. I was amazed and inspired. I was clearly reading a very important book. One that undoubtedly will inspire those in the midst of understanding their sexuality- but also, those like me, who were able to find my own (unique) personal struggles within the pages- though the issues may have been different, learning to love oneself is universally important.
I laughed and I cried. I was moved. Thank you.”
– Nadia, on Defying Gay Gravity

“Reading “Defying Gay Gravity” written by Greg Kentris. This book is about a teens struggle to come out of the closet and tell people who he really was. I’ll admit that I knew that I would like this book, knowing the author but I didn’t expect it to have a huge impact. I assumed that because I was NOT gay that I would get the book to a point and that maybe I wouldn’t understand it as well. I was wrong for the fact that the book is about finding yourself, loving yourself, dealing with rejection and moving forward which are struggles ALL people face, thus showing us that gay people are NOT different from us at all…we all face the need to be accepted and loved. Well Done Greg, Im blown away. I will be purchasing more and more books!” – zeda ali, on Defying Gay Gravity

“I tore right into it! I finished it within an hour or so, and I have to say, I was sincerely moved. Greg, I found that you managed to discuss in a short novel so many issues that even grown gays don’t even discuss or realize they are doing.
I admire how accessible you made the conversation through the eyes of Gordi. You made it so easy to glide through these issues for me, & I also feel like you’ve made it easy for those who don’t quite get the picture, [in] a way that is funny and very human.
I really admire you… for creating something so very significant.

Anyway, you have my thanks for your kindness, and having the bravery and beautiful mind to create such a fantastic story.”

– Anonymous, on Defying Gay Gravity

I just finished reading “Defying Gay Gravity” and I needed to post a review right away. How I feel is hard to put into words but I think the best way to sum it up is “changed”! This book made me laugh, with its sarcasm, cry, with its raw emotion, and become empathetic and understanding to their quest to just be themselves both inside and out.
Your way of writing had my attention from beginning to end and I can’t wait for your next book to come out.
I wish you nothing but the best on your journey to educate the world.
I also can’t wait to share this amazing text with my students as it will be an amazing catalyst for discussions in my room.
C. Emrich, on Defying Gay Gravity

What We're Saying


Speaking Engagments within the Peel District School Board

In the past two weeks, my journey into the lives and communities of others has been quite powerful. Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking to a Staff of roughly 35 middle school educators about Defying Gay Gravity, the process that led to the book being written, the need for powerful resources that address […]

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50 Copies Donated to Facing History and Ourselves Organization

As a commitment to identity work, A Good Day Press has donated 50 copies of “Defying Gay Gravity” to the organization. Participants in the piloted Canadian History seminar each received a copy. The work that we do to help people understand that each of us is on our own journey but that historical events really draw […]

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PETL: LGBTQ Workshop for Members

PETL: LGBTQ Workshop for Members

In May, Greg Kentris and Emily Hastings-Speck partner to deliver a workshop on LGBTQ realities. Exploring various themes that both students and staff face in our schools (& in life in general) will help set the stage for the workshop they plan to deliver!

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Elementary Teacher’s of Toronto (ETT): Workshop on LGBTQI Realities

Elementary Teacher’s of Toronto’s (ETT) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex committee is hosting a conference in April. We will be showcasing Defying Gay Gravity through a workshop entitled: IN/Visibility: Our Multifaceted Selves. In the workshop we will be: Deconstructing barriers that exist to being out/visible at school: as a student, teacher, or staff member. What does an out-positive space look like […]

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“Creating Spaces” – An ETFOVoice Feature Article

Whether or not you’re an elementary teacher who is kept up-to-date with what’s happening in classrooms across the province of Ontario (thanks to ETFOVoice), or you’ve just happened upon our page to learn more about what we do, below is a both a link to the full-version of the magazine as well as our most […]

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Educator’s Guide Now Available (for FREE!)

The long-awaited, well crafted guided, the one that is teeming with rich questions just waiting to be used inside your classroom communities, is now live! After over a year’s worth of planning sessions and one final educator’s soirée with professionals from different school boards who reviewed the guide… it is now available for FREE here […]

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Grade 10 Careers Class, Guest Speaker – Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

Traveled to Waterdown District High School to speak to a group of Grade 10 students about the challenges of being an out gay teacher in the GTA and a writer. Expressed to students how writing is a mere extension of my role as a teacher, as it helps me to share an important perspective with […]

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1st Anniversary Message from Author of Defying Gay Gravity

Happy Anniversary, people! Woot, woot! Can you believe, in less than a year (books having been mailed out mid-July), we have gotten over 620 books into the hands of people that can use it to make a difference? Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe this feeling. So naturally, we couldn’t let today pass without acknowledging your […]

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ETFO Reviews DGG – 5 Hearts

ETFO book reviewer, Heather Beveridge reviewed Defying Gay Gravity for the Summer Ed. of ETFO’s VOICE magazine. Click here for the review!

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Dare to Stand Out Conference – Halton District School Board

Currenlty, we’re gearing up for the exciting opportunity to host a writing workshop with students in Grades 7 to 12. Author, Greg Kentris, has the honour of delivering a closing key note address to staff and students out in the Halton District School Board later this month in the hopes of inspiring the youth of […]

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