1st Anniversary Message from Author of Defying Gay Gravity

Happy Anniversary, people!
Woot, woot!
Can you believe, in less than a year (books having been mailed out mid-July), we have gotten over 620 books into the hands of people that can use it to make a difference? Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe this feeling. So naturally, we couldn’t let today pass without acknowledging your amazing efforts! Without your help, the campaign and this book wouldn’t have been the success that it is… so for that, and so much more, we acknowledge the stand you took for what matters and thank you!
Now a year later, we have managed to get press around the book; have been part of professional dialogue sessions to build our free, online “Educator’s Guide” (to be released this Fall); have been invited to speak at professional forums with ETFO (at their 2nd GSA Symposium), HDSB’s “Dare to Stand Out Conference,” and Jer’s Vision’s GTA DTSO Conference; just got reviewed by ETFO’s Voice magazine for their summer issue; have got the book into three independent book stores in Toronto; we blasted an entire school board (Upper Grand) in early May with 150 copies having been included in an anti-bullying kit sent to each school in their board; and, continue to sell to everyday people like you and me.
With much in the works still, we are so inspired by the positive response to this very important work that those do around lgbttiqq2s narratives and love each and every one of you for the huge stand you are for what truly matters: happiness and love.
Keep growing, keep evolving, and keep loving.
Peace and love, and compassionately yours, today and everyday that follows,
Greg Kentris


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