“Creating Spaces” – An ETFOVoice Feature Article

Whether or not you’re an elementary teacher who is kept up-to-date with what’s happening in classrooms across the province of Ontario (thanks to ETFOVoice), or you’ve just happened upon our page to learn more about what we do, below is a both a link to the full-version of the magazine as well as our most recent feature. Emily Hastings-Speck interviewed me (via e-mail, and using our handy-dandy iPhones… be it the technological age), to put together an article that serves to showcase the journey this book (and me as it’s author) took to create it. It also serves as a telling truth about the challenges we face in taking on the lgbttiqq2s narrative in the classroom and the importance of doing just that. Check it out.

ETFOVoice site: Click here!

Or click there for the PDF version of the article: “Creating Spaces: LGBTQ Conversations in Middle School”

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