“It’s raw, it’s powerful, and it’s totally human.” – Julia, on Defying Gay Gravity

“I tore it open and didn’t stop until I was finished reading. I was amazed and inspired. I was clearly reading a very important book. One that undoubtedly will inspire those in the midst of understanding their sexuality- but also, those like me, who were able to find my own (unique) personal struggles within the pages- though the issues may have been different, learning to love oneself is universally important.
I laughed and I cried. I was moved. Thank you.”
– Nadia, on Defying Gay Gravity

“Reading “Defying Gay Gravity” written by Greg Kentris. This book is about a teens struggle to come out of the closet and tell people who he really was. I’ll admit that I knew that I would like this book, knowing the author but I didn’t expect it to have a huge impact. I assumed that because I was NOT gay that I would get the book to a point and that maybe I wouldn’t understand it as well. I was wrong for the fact that the book is about finding yourself, loving yourself, dealing with rejection and moving forward which are struggles ALL people face, thus showing us that gay people are NOT different from us at all…we all face the need to be accepted and loved. Well Done Greg, Im blown away. I will be purchasing more and more books!” – zeda ali, on Defying Gay Gravity

“I tore right into it! I finished it within an hour or so, and I have to say, I was sincerely moved. Greg, I found that you managed to discuss in a short novel so many issues that even grown gays don’t even discuss or realize they are doing.
I admire how accessible you made the conversation through the eyes of Gordi. You made it so easy to glide through these issues for me, & I also feel like you’ve made it easy for those who don’t quite get the picture, [in] a way that is funny and very human.
I really admire you… for creating something so very significant.

Anyway, you have my thanks for your kindness, and having the bravery and beautiful mind to create such a fantastic story.”

– Anonymous, on Defying Gay Gravity

I just finished reading “Defying Gay Gravity” and I needed to post a review right away. How I feel is hard to put into words but I think the best way to sum it up is “changed”! This book made me laugh, with its sarcasm, cry, with its raw emotion, and become empathetic and understanding to their quest to just be themselves both inside and out.
Your way of writing had my attention from beginning to end and I can’t wait for your next book to come out.
I wish you nothing but the best on your journey to educate the world.
I also can’t wait to share this amazing text with my students as it will be an amazing catalyst for discussions in my room.
C. Emrich, on Defying Gay Gravity

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Glad Day Bookshop

Glad Day Bookshop is now carrying copies of Defying Gay Gravity. So if you happen to find yourself in the throws of downtown living (or visiting), pop in, check out my book and all the others by inspirational authors each with a story to tell and a perspective to share. Literature is an instrumental way to connect […]

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Upper Grand District School Board to receive anti-bullying resources c/o Local

In February 2014, due to teacher involvement in equity work through the Upper Grand Elementary Teachers’ Local, a mass order for books to be distributed as part of an anti-bullying kit initiative was placed. Due to the efforts of these individuals, and through on-going commitment to equity, a copy of Defying Gay Gravity will make its […]

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ETFO Voice – Winter Ed. 2013/2014

Following the GSA Conference hosted by ETFO in November 2013, there was a small write-up, featuring the event in the Winter Issue of ETFO Voice. The article entitled, “ETFO’s Second GSA Symposium” help to shed light on the work that we do while highlighting Defying Gay Gravity as a resource to assist educator’s in doing this […]

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A Different Booklist & Another Story Bookshop now carrying Defying Gay Gravity

Early in December, we approached Itah Sadu at “A Different Booklist” and the staff at “Another Story Bookshop” in Toronto to carry copies of Defying Gay Gravity. Both independent bookstores, that have longstanding reputations for promoting and advocating for books that equitably deliver narratives on pressing issues in our communities, graciously and delightfully accepted these […]

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ETFO’s Second GSA Symposium

I recently has the opportunity, on Friday, November 1st, to speak to a committed group of educator’s from schools and boards all over Ontario. This sincere pleasure allowed the book I wrote to get into the hands of people willing to use Gordi’s narrative to help them navigate some of the harder conversations with youth […]

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Find it in your Library?

With the school year underway, it’s such a treat to see educator’s tweeting about the debut of “Defying Gay Gravity” in their libraries. This shot was taken just hours before the books flew off the shelves at one school!

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Q: Why did you write Defying Gay Gravity?

Here’s one answer to the question I receive around why I wrote Defying Gay Gravity in the first place. For the longest time, I’ve held onto the regret of not having come out in middle school or high school. As a kid, I was taught by my peers and even by family members, that being […]

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Q: What does it mean to defy gay gravity?

Q: “What does it mean to defy gay gravity?”

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Equality Radio Interview, w/Randol White

We were in invited onto Equality Radio, a show hosted by Randol White in San Luis Obispo, California. Check it out.

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