Who We Are

At A Good Day Press, we are fueled by a group of citizens filled with an innate desire to bring key perspectives out to meet the world. Educating people on identity—how it shaped, the very act of creating oneself, the factors that influence its development—is necessary in order to build a compassionate world where every is afforded the right to choose for themselves to be who they wish to be.

Our advocacy for long overdue changes in the social-justice psyche of our nation seeps into all facets of the work we do here. Ultimately, our goal is to empower others to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that social bias inflicts upon communities where stigmatized minority groups exist.

With your support and commitment to taking the actions necessary for creating a safe and loving world for generations to come, the impact we create will continue to be a very real one. Being a voice for those who have lost theirs, who continue to be silenced in the various places and spaces of our world (in Canada and especially abroad) is where the real work resides.

By inspiring the youth of today, and the adults who guide them, to go out and be unstoppable allies for the cause, you are choosing to be part of an impact that cannot be measured or quantified. It can only be felt in the hearts and minds of those lives you touch.

As our collection builds, choose a book, tackle an issue, and watch the world around you transform.

Indeed, so much of it already has.